"Best in Business"

We handpick exceptional people. All our consultants are headhunted for their skills, reputation and ambition. uniQode makes the difference with highly motivated, curious and sociable consultants. We are transparent, easy to work with, and always strive towards finding the true value in what we do.

"Get the Q"

Evolve your consultant professionalism through extensive development tools and learn to build your professional reputation. Start the journey towards achieving your full potential, get the tools for success, and let the world know about you. We are the next generation consultants: dedicated, specialised, and passionate.

"Create and control your future"

With passion and ambition for the craftsmanship, we develop our own future. That future is dynamic. As a part of an ever-changing industry and society, we will constantly evolve to meet requirements and support the uniQoders. Together we create the environment and the culture that suits us as a team and encourages us to thrive. At uniQode, character and engagement is most important!

That's great, but what do you guys do?

Shape and Create

We shape and create our environment to be able to perform on top, professionally as well as individually.

Having fun and Improve

When we have fun, we perform at our best. We believe that joy is the main component in all professional development, so why ever leave it out?

Develop and Design

Solid back-end, striking front-end, architecture, name it. We develop and design our future.

Lead and Secure

We lead and manage in our pursuit of true value. If you value it safe and secure, we know a thing two about it from many years experience.

Seen enough? Hear from us!


The best with uniQode?

To be a part of a group of interesting people who inspire eachother on both the professional and social level.

What motivates you?

Challenges which makes me have to redefine previous approaches. Problemsolving on this level makes me feel alive, I'm that type of person.

When not owning the qode, what do you do?

I mix it up a bit with violin and cello. This is another passion that has stayed with me through he years.
Magnus Rydén
Magnus Rydén .Net virtuoso

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